The photo shows a prototype of the electric BMW i5 sedan


The journalists published “spy” photos showing a camouflaged prototype of the BMW i5 electric sedan. The car looks sleek and stylish.

Recently, we have seen many prototypes of the new generation BMW 5 Series. The electric test car stickers and the lack of visible exhaust pipes on this version of the novelty hint that we have an electric version of the business sedan, which will receive the designation i5.

Regardless of the engine type, all cars in the new 5 Series have the same styling.

In particular, there is a sloping front part and rather small “nostrils” of the false radiator grille. It is also worth noting the rather narrow headlights at the corners of the updated “face”.

There is a flowing roofline that leads to a sculpted, stubby rear. This car does not seem to use full width taillights, which are a growing trend in today’s world. Instead, there are small groups of lights on the sides of the rear.

We do not have any “spy” pictures of the interior yet, but there are reasons to expect big changes in the interior. BMW intends to introduce the next generation iDrive system from the iX electric crossover to more models. Photos already show that the upcoming 7 Series will receive a huge number of screens, and the new “five” must also be high-tech to compete in its segment.

The new 5 Series will be available with a variety of powertrains. As you can see in these photos, an all-electric version of the car is coming soon. Earlier images also show a plug-in hybrid. Engines that run exclusively on gasoline and diesel must also be available for purchase.