The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Makes A Compelling Argument For Itself


Not many of us would argue that the SUV has quickly become the most preferred style of car, at least for the vast majority of buyers. So, it’s always a pleasant surprise when an automaker introduces something that isn’t a jacked-up crossover-SUV. It’s even nicer when that car maker is Porsche.

While the Cross Turismo thinks of itself as a quasi-offroader, we’re going to settle for referring to it as an estate car — albeit an estate that has undoubtedly grown from its days of just being used as a tool to ferry people and luggage around.

The design of the Cross Turismo may see additional demand over that of the traditional Taycan due to its practicality and abilities on loose surfaces. It is based on the Taycan sedan and merges that car’s stunning looks and tech with the usefulness of a wagon body style.

The Cross Turismo is available in four versions,

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