The racing Volkswagen Beetle from Gran Turismo has become a reality


The bold, racing Volkswagen Beetle from the hit video game Gran Turismo Sport will be a reality thanks to JP Performance and Prior Design. The two companies have teamed up to develop a body kit that mimics the car from a racing simulator.

All Beetle models that rolled off the assembly line between 2011 and 2019 will be able to try on this kit. Such a transformation will cost the owners of the original Beetle 5950 euros.

The price is fair when you consider how much the new body kit transforms the classic car. The video game developers and even Volkswagen AG itself allegedly gave the tuners their blessing to create this kit.

Most of the Beetle’s body panels have been replaced to make it look like a real race car. This includes the overhauled front fascia, which includes yellow taillights, an aggressive bumper, a bespoke bonnet with NACA air vents and larger air intakes, and larger wheel arches.

Flared skirts appeared on the sides of the legendary German hatchback, and the car was “shod” in special racing wheels.

The beetle’s stern will be decorated with a massive wing, a new bumper and a pronounced diffuser. It is planned that the tuners will release only 53 body kits. The first will be manufactured closer to March 2022.

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