The Second Life of Beautiful, Historical Vehicles Is With an Electric Powerplant


Gulf doesn’t give anyone permission to use its classic blue and orange colors, but it made an exception for the restored EV, which Everrati restored based on a Porsche 911 (964).

Back in 2019, Justin Lunny and long-term automotive specialist Nick Williams founded the Everrati Automotive Limited. Their idea was to preserve the beauty of old cars and fit them with new technologies. The engineering team replaced the internal combustion engines with motors. Maybe they are not the first to do that, but they managed to preserve the original appearance of those classic cars. The quality level of their craftsmanship was so high that Porsche agreed to join them in their work. Also, the manufacturer transforms other brands as well.

At the Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance, Everrati brought a beautiful Porsche 911 (964). Their partnership with Gulf Racing allowed the British manufacturer to use the name Gulf Signature Edition. Sporting the classic, blue and orange colors, the car shook the public with the attention to details. The car even features a twin exhaust placed at the back, even though there is no internal combustion engine.

Everrati managed to keep the car’s weight low by using modern materials such as carbon fiber. Under the skin, a 500 hp motor with 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) propelled the car to 100 kph (0-62 mph) in under four seconds. The entire battery pack, motor, electronics, inverters, and cables are all brand new. Thanks to a 53kWh battery pack, the car can travel up to 180 miles (289 km) on one charge. 

As for the price, apart from the donor car (which can be any 911 from the 964 generation), the customization program will require serious discussion with the British manufacturer, but for a top-notch, fully loaded with AC, ABS, and other new amenities, the car costs around GBP 250,000 (roughly $346,000 or EU 291,303).  

At the Salon Prive, Justin Lunny said that “Everrati redefines some of the world’s most iconic cars enabling them to be driven and enjoyed with a clean future.”