The Space Self-Sustaining Prefab Home Is Quite Possibly the Most High-Tech Ever


Take a nice long look at the images in the gallery before continuing this text.

What you have just witnessed is known as The Space, a prefabricated home from a Stockholm-based team known as iOhouse. If you’ve never heard of this crew, not a problem, it’s one of the reasons autoevolution is here, to bring you the news.

To get an idea of what to expect from Space, iOhouse states that its mission “is to create high-quality buildings that produce a sustainable lifestyle,” all the while “transforming the living environment.” To really grasp what this team is all about and what to expect from ongoing and future projects, we must look at the one and only product they currently offer, The Space.

Now, what makes Space so darn attractive and unique is the fact that it’s an entirely self-sustaining structure. There’s no need to do anything except controlling the home via a smart device, the ultimate modern home. Not to mention that iOhouse uses systems that let you control your home from over 70 countries worldwide. Think about that for a moment. Since utilities like water, electricity, heating, plumbing, and WiFi are controlled autonomously, you won’t have anything better to do but live your life.

To help you live the life you want, Space is completed to offer owners the freedom to move whenever they wish, granting you the possibility to have lunch by the lake, dinner on the riviera, and tomorrow morning you’re ready to hit the road again. Aiming to create as small a carbon footprint as possible, Space is also designed to integrate into the natural world as if it’s not there. Although, you will need an 18-wheeler and a crane to load and unload the structure.

Once your Space is in place, you’ll have access to 60 square meters (646 square meters) of room in which to unfurl your luxurious lifestyle. This lifestyle is assisted with solar panels and a generator, 220-volt electrical system, air heat pump with climate control, 2,000-liter (528-gallon) integrated water system, integrated 3,000-liter (792-gallon) sewer system, and ventilation.

Where all of these systems are hidden or what kind of components are in place, iOhouse doesn’t mention. We’re only told what sort of secondary systems will be powered by the features mentioned above. A security system and digital network interface, automatic GPS positioning, and entertainment system are all autonomous. A weather station, smart home app, and technical room are also part of the self-sustaining mix.

Appliances like dishwashers, gas cookers, fridges, washing and drying machines, and a water filtration system will help you push the limits of off-grid life. Remember, 100% self-sustaining. Anything else you want to add to the mix, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can get it included for an extra buck.

While we know nothing about how Space produces all of its own energy, is fed with water, or how sewage disposal works, a massive array of solar panels can be seen on top of the structure. One of the videos below does show a tad more than what I’ve mentioned.

The automated decks that can be seen on either side of the home are another set of features that owners are sure to get a kick out of. Aside from the fact that these decks can be used to set up lounges or throw a small cocktail party, they also perform the function of protecting the inside of your home from potential intrusions, especially while you’re off traveling the world in one of the 70 countries iOhouse offers coverage for. Sounds to me like Space is the sort of home for someone a bit above average.

Actually, considering that iOhouse offers The Space in three different packages starting from 185,000 EUR (209,318 USD at current exchange rates) for the Standard package, and all the way up to 290,000 EUR (328,120 USD at current exchange rates) for the Lux package, it’s actually a reasonably-priced home. Sounds like one heck of a deal to consider if you’re ever in the market for a fully mobile luxury prefab home.