The Toyota GR Yaris Feels Like A Modern Lancia Delta Integrale


Toyota seems to receive all the praise these days as the GR Yaris finds its way to more and more reviewers. This time it’s Harry Metcalfes’ turn to give his verdict on the Japanese hot hatch everyone loves.

The reason behind all the noise generated by the arrival of the GR Yaris is because cars like this one were considered obsolete. Homologation specials existed largely because car manufacturers were forced to build them in order to race and when the rules changed, sadly all those sweet performance cars went the way of the dodo.

We’re Driving The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris, What Would You Like To Know?

What’s special here is that Toyota decided to engineer a whole new body for its rally car, when they could much more easily opt for the existing five-door Yaris to base their next WRC contender. You can thank Akio Toyoda for this mostly unusual decision.

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