The unsuccessful tuning of the BMW X5 was presented on the Internet


Things are so bad with the design of this crossover that Internet users have already labeled it as the ugliest BMW.

The BMW X5 often falls into the hands of tuners. However, this instance suggests that someone was clearly making a bad joke. The Reddit portal has published a snapshot of a SUV with a very strange tuning.

Moreover, netizens did not hesitate and called the BMW X5 the ugliest specimen of the model that they had to meet. The front of the Corossover looks very bulky and out of place: a strange bumper in the spirit of a sports car for circuit racing, tiny branded “nostrils”, rustic optics.

New fenders with wheel arch extensions do not help the situation, and the golden rims look like something alien. The hood is too long, the wheels are too small – everything here is too much and out of place.

Some Internet users compared the cross with toy cars of the Hot Wheels series, and someone suggested that such a BMW X5 could be driven by some negative character of the Marvel universe.

In which country this photo was taken, which caused such a flurry of comments on the Web, unfortunately, is not reported. The author of such a controversial project also remained classified.