The very first McLaren P1 put up for auction


The auction is organized by Silverstone Auctions. This very special McLaren has only 5,899 kilometers.

The top three iconic hypercars include the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1. Many would argue with this balance of power, but the first McLaren P1 client to be auctioned will be a real highlight. And this is a fact.

Interestingly, only two people owned this special car, both from the same family. In 2018, the hypercar was equipped with a new battery, and it was last serviced at the end of 2020. The McLaren P1 listed for auction is number one out of 375. Also attached to this lot is a personal letter from Frank Stevenson, the car’s designer.

The body of the British hypercar is painted in a juicy yellow shade called “Volcano Yellow”. However, one of its most special features is not the looks, but the transmission. In 2013, when this model debuted, most people considered hybrids to be modest and not very interesting cars.

The McLaren P1 with a 903bhp powerplant dispels that stereotype.

The hypercar accelerated to a hundred in just 2.8 seconds, and its top speed was 347 km / h). How much they are going to bail out for such a rare lot is not reported. Obviously, the price tag will be very high.

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