The video shows the luxury sedan Audi A7L in detail


An overview video, filmed at the Shanghai Auto Show, has appeared on the Web. The video gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with the Chinese version of the Audi A7 sedan – the car received a sedan body and an increased wheelbase. The length of the vehicle is 5,076 mm.

The German Volkswagen Group, which includes the premium brand Audi, has an extensive lineup in China through its local joint ventures with local FAW and SAIC. The former manufactures and sells the Audi A6L, a sedan version with an extended wheelbase, and the latter recently launched the A7L, also a sedan and also with increased space between the front and rear wheels. The A7, which we all know as the elegant Sportback, has evolved into a stately sedan in the People’s Republic of China.

A new overview video filmed at the Shanghai Auto Show gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at the Chinese A7L with the classic sedan boot lid replacing the more practical liftback body. The length of the car is 5,076 mm, which is slightly longer than the A6 sold in China, where the traditional sedan has an extended wheelbase compared to the regular version of the model. By the way, the distance between the axles in the new Audi A7L sedan is 3,026 mm, which is again slightly more than in the stretched version of the A6L.

After seeing spy shots of the new A7L prototype earlier this month, many were concerned about the car’s appearance.

After all, the A7 Sportback is one of the nicest cars out there, so turning it into a regular sedan might not be such a good idea. However, I must say that the resulting car looks pretty good.

The stretched Audi A7L will be the only version of the A7 model in China. The car will be offered with a 3.0-liter TFSI V6 engine.

The A7L represents an interesting decision made by VW’s Chinese division, given that it overlaps with the A6L Sedan, the A7 Sportback and to some extent even the flagship A8. The latter is only available in the country in a long-wheelbase configuration, so it’s still the largest and most luxurious model money can buy.

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