There was a render for a new version of the Honda CRX hatchback


Independent artist Rain Prisk has unveiled a render of a new version of the Honda CRX hatchback. As a base for the virtual novelty, the designer chose another hatchback of the Japanese brand – the Honda CR-Z model.

Changing consumer tastes led to the fact that many models, some of which became very popular, sooner or later ceased to be popular and their sales had to be stopped. One such car that had to disappear and are unlikely to return was the Honda CRX. Its sales ceased back in 1991. Independent artist Rain Prisk presented his vision of what the car’s successor could be.

The rendering looks like it was based on the CR-Z that was available for purchase between 2010 and 2016, which was Honda’s closest reimagining of the CRX since it discontinued the model.

However, Rain Prisk has brought a few exclusive touches to the rendering. The rendering gives the car large rear passenger windows which help add a sporty look to the car.

The sloping bonnet pairs well with the aggressive front bumper with the red Honda badge telling the world that this car is for business. The headlights with thin slits are pushed towards the edges of the dash for a sleek look. On the sides of the front fender deflector, under the door handle and above the rear fenders, there is a sharp fold in the bodywork, adding definition to the style of the car.

The likelihood that Honda will revive such a model in the near future is almost zero. The small two-seaters of the mainstream brands are not selling well to today’s crossover-obsessed consumers. However, the rendering does show that a modern and elegant two-seater Honda could certainly have a stylish look to pay homage to the iconic CRX, which was known for its small size, affordable.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the serial sports car Honda Sports EV will enter the assembly line in 2022. This electric sports car was introduced as a concept back in 2017. However, before the launch of its mass production, it had to wait several years. Now the timing of the production debut of the Honda Sports EV has finally been announced.