This 1966 Ford Mustang Spent 27 Years Locked in a Garage, Original V8 in a Coma


One of the worst things that could happen to a car sitting for a long time in a garage is the attack of the rust, as a perfectly fine vehicle could end up becoming quite a wreck in just a few years. The 1966 Mustang that we have here looks to be quite lucky, as despite spending 27 years under a cover locked in a garage, the rust issues are said to be just minor. eBay seller allendswell says a thorough inspection of the Ford Mustang revealed only surface rust, and in theory, this should be rather easy to fix. The body, therefore, remains solid, while the interior is in a pretty good condition as well, with only small signs of wear. As for the engine, this is where the whole thing is getting a little bit complicated. This Mustang rolled off the assembly lines with a 289 (4.7-liter) 2-barrel under the hood, though the owner says the engine might now be dead. Nobody knows if it can be saved or not, but at a quick look, it seems to be locked up from sitting. The 1966 Mustang was available with both six cylinders and V8s, and the standard unit could be ordered with a 200 (3.3-liter) Thriftpower unit developing 120 horsepower. The 289 was also offered with a 4-barrel sibling, this time rated at 225 horsepower. At first glance, this 1966 Mustang looks restorable, though the big question is whether the engine can still be saved or not. The bad news is this all-original Mustang isn’t by any means cheap. The seller isn’t willing to let the car go for less than $30,800, and unsurprisingly, nobody has joined the auction so far. The bidding, however, is still in the early hours, so it remains to be seen if the car ends up finding a new owner or not.