This 1966 Ford Mustang Was Previously Wrecked in an Accident, It Now Looks So Good


Like the rest of the vehicles out there, classic cars are prone to traffic accidents too, even though some of them should rather remain inside to retain their mint conditions. The ’66 Mustang that we have here, for example, knows precisely what an accident means, as the car has been involved in a massive collision that eventually got it a salvage title. eBay seller ricmen_7889 (who has 0 ratings, so make sure you double-check the listing) didn’t provide too many specifics on this accident, but instead, they did mention that the car has been fully repaired and restored because the insurance company was only willing to pay a very small amount of money for such an icon. In other words, the owner didn’t agree with the money they were offered by the insurer, so they just decided to fix the car on their own and then sell it online. The auction is underway as we speak, and the seller says the car comes with such a low mileage because it now runs on a new engine as well. There’s an original V6 under the hood, and the seller guarantees that everything on this Mustang is also as original as it gets. Sitting in a garage for 10 years, the Ford Mustang currently exhibits a pretty good shape, as the owner specifically wanted to replace all the damaged parts with everything original. The Mustang runs and drives like a new car, we’re being told, and in theory, it’s actually a new car given it has received massive fixes after that accident. The bidding starts at $7,000, but at this point, nobody online has decided to enter the race for taking this Mustang home. Clearly, not everybody is very excited about a car that has previously received the salvage title, so it’ll be interesting to see if this Mustang ends up finding a new home after all.