This 1972 Chevrolet El Camino Looks Like a Barn Find Someone Abandoned with a Door Open


The El Camino isn’t necessarily the most sought-after model when it comes to a full restoration, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the truck isn’t worth our love, especially when it’s pulled from storage after spending way too many years in hiding.

And the ’72 model that we have is just the living proof, though as you’ll discover in the next few lines, saving this El Camino isn’t necessarily the easiest thing even for the most hardcore car aficionados out there.

First and foremost, as you can figure out by just browsing the photo gallery, this El Camino has been sitting for quite a long time in what appears to be a barn. In fact, eBay seller jeberlein94 did list the truck as a barn find, though no other specifics have been provided regarding the place where it’s been parked.

But on the other hand, it’s pretty clear the Chevy wasn’t exactly spoiled with the best storage conditions, and the interior itself looks very dirty. So before figuring out what can still be saved, the new owner would probably have to thoroughly clean the cabin and only then assess the damage the many years of sitting have caused to the El Camino.

When it comes to the rust, there’s not much of it, or at least, that’s what the seller claims. The original floors are still there, and the El Camino is said to hide a few spots of rust around the rear glass and the rear pass side panel.

As far as the engine goes, there’s only bad news on this front, but this is the reason I said this El Camino is a proper candidate for a restomod. The original 350 (5.7-liter) V8 engine is no longer there, possibly as the El Camino served as a donor car, especially as other parts also seem to be missing.

So is this El Camino really worth saving? It probably is, but only at the right price. The bidding starts at $1,000, but a reserve is in place and of course, it’s yet to be met.