This 1993 Geo Metro Convertible May Be the Most Affordable Drop-Top Around


A few misconceptions about buying a used car have some people feeling a bit down in the dumps these days. The most pervasive of these is the notion that there just aren’t any good, interesting used cars at an affordable price anymore.

If you honestly believe that, this 1993 Geo Metro LSi convertible might prove that hope isn’t lost yet. Geo is a bit of a fever dream in the hearts and minds of American car enthusiasts, seldomly remembered fondly or seen on modern American roads. But remember, Geo cars weren’t precisely American in the broader sense of the word.

Their lineup consisted of important versions of Japanese cars acquired through GM’s business dealings in Asia. Their flagship model, the Prizm, was derived from the Toyota Corolla, and the Metro hatchback and convertible had their origins as a JDM exclusive Suzuki Cultus.

Geos were assembled at the joint GM/Toyota NUMMI plant in Freemont, California, until the brand’s discontinuation in 1997. Today, that space is the sight of Tesla’s Freemont Production plant.

This impressively well-preserved 1993 Metro is mostly the same as every other Metro ever made, sporting a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine making around 50 horsepower and mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. There are just over 100,400 miles (161,500 km) on the odometer, according to the listing – yes, the car is for sale.

Some might snicker at the prospects of a 50 horsepower three-cylinder drop-top, but those people are never any fun to be around. Besides, this quirky little convertible runaround could be yours via Whitmore Motors of Ashland, Ohio, for just $6,500.

Considering some people have trouble buying a golf cart for that kind of money these days, maybe this neat little car isn’t such a silly idea after all. It sure beats no car at all, and definitely better than the bus.