This Bike Is a Real-Life Transformer, Turns Into a Full Home on Wheels


Have you ever seen a bike that turns into a bed? Or a kitchen? A work desk, maybe? Well, you’re about to because this concept does them all and more. It’s called Cercle, and it’s a mobile home on two wheels. Just fold the bed and travel where your heart desires.

Designed by Bernhard Sobotta, the idea of a multifunctional bike sparked in his mind in the summer of 2019. In an interview with Bikecitizens, he’s describing how he wanted to combine a cargo bike with a hammock frame (handy for any rider if you’d ask me).

This was the initial thought that started the project, which turned out into Cercle. Later on, the concept became even more complex. From a simple bike-hammock contraption, Bernhard wanted to create something that would fit anyone’s needs: a home.

About one year of sketching and working, the first prototype started to take shape. It was made of three different old and rusty cycles that were cut in half and assembled around the Circle. Soon enough, the bike was ready for its first test on the road.

The team behind the project was able to go on a 1000 km ( 621 miles) test ride and check if everything worked properly. They even took Cercle with them on both a bus and a train and were able to demonstrate that it fits inside, even if the prototype is a bit longer than your average bike.

The incorporated bed-chair-lounger-table frame turns a regular ride into a full camping experience. What’s more, the bike actually has a tent fixed to its structure that unfolds to provide enough space for one person. It really doesn’t get closer than that.

While it might look like the module is pretty heavy with everything attached to it, it actually weighs just 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lbs). A slight inconvenience would be the circle frame’s size which, when folded, makes it a bit difficult for one to sit on the saddle and have a clear view of what’s ahead of the bike. Other than that, this project looks very promising.

Cercle is still in its prototype phase, but Bernhard is planning to expand the capabilities of the tent this fall. In 2022, he plans to take the bike on a world tour and gather more knowledge which will be poured into a 2.0 version of the transformer bike.