This Bonkers XP-82 Twin Mustang Is The Only Airworthy Example, And It’s For Sale


Most people with more money than they know what to do with generally spend their cash on a pre-set list of things—expensive cars, houses, lavish vacations, etc. But it takes a person cut from a very particular cloth to consider spending their fortune on an experimental Second World War fighter aircraft constructed by taking two iconic American warplanes and fusing them together.

Happily, for these people, Platinum Fighter Sales of Redondo Beach, California, is here to service this very niche but an undeniably profitable market segment.

Their inventory has some genuinely stunning aircraft sitting in their hangars. Like two F4U Corsair naval fighters, a Grumman TBM Avengenger torpedo-bomber, and even two specially imported Soviet Yakovlev YAK 9 and YAK 11 fighters.

Even among that kind of company, the XP-82 Twin Mustang this So-Cal based company has for sale could make even the most staunch non-warplane enthusiast’s head turn. The entire airframe has been meticulously and expertly restored to the same condition it was when it left North American Aviation’s factory in 1944.

The two Packard Merlin-1650 V12 engines fitted to either side of this two-pronged leviathan have also been extensive. The latest in navigation and avionics equipment was installed courtesy of Garmin navigation systems.

This airframe’s only seen 25 hours of flight time since its extensive restoration process. Being one of only two P-82 Twin Mustangs in private ownership, this is the only example in flight-ready status.

As for the price for this near one-of-a-kind warbird? Well, Platinum Fighter Sales likely only wants to field offers from people wealthy enough to legitimately afford the aircraft and have asked to call to receive that information.

As only two are currently in private hands, there’s little information about what previous sales figures have looked like. What’s known for sure is that the standard single P51 Mustang, the P-82, was based on easily sells for above $2 Million in private sales. Expect the double trouble this Twin-Stang brings to the table to send that figure into the stratosphere.