This C4 Corvette-Swapped Jeep CJ-5 Would Make General Patton Envious


What do you suppose happens when an unnamed NASCAR team engineer has too much time on his hands during the off-season? If you thought the answer was Frankensteining together a mid 70s American off-roader with a mid 80s American sports car, first of all, that’s very oddly specific, secondly, you’d only be half right.

In truth though, this creation has little to do with an actual Jeep, as the tube-frame chassis and the bodywork are entirely custom made. The body was then painted in a stunning U.S. Army green that looks so striking, it may as well get shipped off to the battlefield right now.

If the powder-coated C4 Corvette wheels weren’t a big enough indication of this Jeep’s underpinnings, even more clues reveal themselves when you open the hood. There sits a fuel-injected small-block Chevrolet engine fed through a custom dual performance exhaust system and an aluminum radiator.

The majority of suspension components come from a C4 Corvette as well. Four-wheel disk brakes are a welcome addition to this build, as such a light car with such a powerful engine is bound to be a real screamer.

The interior of the Jeep is both delightfully spartan and masterfully handcrafted. The custom-built gauge cluster blends in marvelously with the basic padded seats and the Corvette steering wheel fits remarkably well into the design. Never indicating even for a moment that you’re driving anything other than a one-of-a-kind creation.

The ammo-can speaker box is just the icing on the cake. The car’s official listing proclaims driving this Jeep is largely no different than driving an average C4, we’d love to be able to verify that ourselves.

Alternatively, you could just fork out the $25,000 that Milford Auto Sales of Hopedale, Massachusetts is asking for this buld to drive it yourself. Quite a bit for what’s basically a very fast toy, but no doubt worth it to the right person.