This C8 Corvette Widebody Kit Looks Crazy, Sigala Designs C8RR Costs $14,995


C8RR is how the widebody package is called. With the proper tires, wheels, and wheel spacers, the mid-engine sports car from Kentucky measures 6.0 inches more in width than the bone-stock Corvette Stingray. Unfortunately for prospective customers, the pictured vehicle doesn’t feature the suspension upgrade that the company intended to fit before the grand reveal.

Available in fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a mix of both, the kit starts with a hood that integrates McLaren 720S-inspired vents. The extended front lip, front- and rear-bumper extensions, splitter extensions, and fenders also need to be mentioned, together with the side-skit and side-splitter extensions, quarter panels, aerodynamic diffuser, rear winglets, and hi-rise wing.

The finishing touches come in the guise of the RR halo, roof, rear hatch extensions, and engine-cover vents. Optional extras such as the dual front-splitter kit and LED-augmented grille inserts need to be highlighted as well.

Now available to order with 50% down, the C8RR costs $10k more if you opt for carbon-fiber everything. Add the tires, wheels, spacers, and aftermarket suspension to the mix, and you’re looking at $35k if not more.

If you prefer your C8 stock, fret not because GM is currently working on a widebody Corvette of its own. Confirmed to premiere in the fall of 2021 as a 2023 model, the Z06 flexes a flat-plane crankshaft V8 derived from the C8.R endurance racer. LT6 is the codename for this engine, and hearsay suggests 617 horsepower. If the rumor turns out to be spot on, the all-new Z06 will be the production car with the most powerful N/A V8 in the world.