This Century-Old Cummins Turbo Dually Rat Rod Is A Beautiful Disaster


As far as any of us are aware, the love affair between Dodge vehicles and Cummins diesel engines didn’t begin until at least the late 80s. Don’t tell any of that to the exceptionally talented and mildly bonkers set of folks who fashioned this 103-year-old Dodge-Brothers (Dodge before Chrysler ownership) Model 30.

Let’s get obvious out of the way. It’s got a performance-modified 5.9 liter Cummins turbodiesel engine, dually rear wheels, hundreds of hours worth of leather and woodwork, and positively zero thought given to modern safety measures.

Who needs all that nonsense when most of what it needs to do is to sit wow people with its abundance of patina? Keep in mind, it took over $96,000 in custom metal fabrication to get the body looking this fierce.

This work was done by VICE Unlimited Design of Lincolnton, North Carolina. The red-oak wood and tan/ostrich leather interior were all done in-house by FSD Hot Rod Ranch, who is also looking for a new owner for the thing.

Digging a bit deeper, we find that the rear axle is from an early 50s Ford F-Series truck, it comes with airbag-supported leaf spring rear suspension, and disc brakes at all four wheels.

More than serviceable enough for very short drives, this show-car was meant to be taken on. It was meant to be the darling of every car show it finds itself in, and it’s a job it does with remarkable ease.

The listing for this car claims over $120,000 was invested in getting this lovably ludicrous creation to the condition it’s in today. But it could be yours for $59,950 before taxes and fees. You can get quite a few brand new cars for that kind of money that don’t have as much charm in their entire construction than this car does in one wheel-nut.