This Drone-in-a-Box Helps You Monitor Your Property Remotely, Like Playing a Game


If you want a drone that’s not just for taking fun pictures and videos, but also for keeping an eye on your private property no matter where you are, now there’s a possible solution for that. A drone developer has created an innovative system that enables remote drone control, for monitoring operations.

This new aerial flight data collection system is more than a simple drone. It’s actually comprised of a smart home for the drone, called the DNEST2, the DJI Mavic Zoom drone and the Freesky Command Center, all developed by a company named Heisha. Thanks to this system, you can basically operate your drone anytime and anywhere, remotely.

Controlling the drone through the app is almost like playing a video game. You can plan ahead automatic route missions, or you can simply click on the desired location on the map, and the drone will perform the flight automatically. The drone can safely operate during day or night, thanks to the AI precision landing system.

The innovative second-generation DNEST2 acts both as a charging station and a smart home. This advanced device comes with built-in temperature sensors that enable it to adapt to high- or low-temperature environments. It’s small enough to be deployed anywhere, and resistant to water and dust. It even integrates a compact fire extinguisher, in case of emergency during charging.

This system was mainly intended for remote property monitoring. Whether it’s a land, a ranch, an estate, a factory or any other type of property, you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire territory, as long as you have Internet connection. Or, as Heisha suggests, you can even show off your property to friends in real time, without actually being there. The DJI Mavic drone can deliver 48 megapixel photos and full HD videos, and it features 10 km (6.2 miles) video transmission.

Acting as your “aerial guardian”, this advanced flight data collection system can monitor your private property, send photos and videos, and it will feel like playing a fun game.