This Harley-Davidson Is What Happens When a Breakout Goes From Mean Muscle to Funky Ride


Europe is a very peculiar place when it comes to custom motorcycles. First of all, the continent seems to be a haven for tons of garages that not only thrive, but do so in style, releasing literally hundreds of custom builds on behalf of the ever-increasing pool of customers.

Secondly, most of the builds made there are oddly divided between at times impractical conversions of the V-Rod muscle bikes, and the bit more practical Breakouts, both of which the continent has plenty.

A German garage called X-Trem, like most others in Europe, is too split between V-Rods and Breakouts. And while there’s only so much you can do to change the appearance of the former, the latter family of two-wheelers is a tad more malleable.

Case in point the 2014 model year we have here, transformed from a “long, lean and mean […] muscular modern chopper,” as Harley calls it, into a more colorful, funkier motorcycle.

We’re used to Breakouts, especially the ones remade by German shops, to embrace even more their extreme side, but that’s not the case here. Maybe it’s the rare combination between four colors (Morocco gold pearl, Sedona orange, white, and Vivid black) that wraps around the body, or the fact the bike lacks the major custom elements we’ve seen on some other bikes of this kind, but that’s the feeling we get.

Sure, the Breakout is no longer stock, and that is obvious as soon as it enters the field of view. We’ve got a 280 wide tire conversion, new fenders front and back, and a custom tank cover, among other things. The engine seems to remain the stock one, save for it being fitted with a new air filter.

As with all other X-Trem motorcycles we’ve featured before, this one too is a mystery when it comes to how much it cost to put together.