This Is How the BMW X8 M Could Look like, Should Be the Most Powerful BMW Ever


The BMW X8 M is set to become the most powerful production BMW ever produced, and it is set to launch on the M Division’s 50th anniversary. This moment will be celebrated with special editions of existing models, like the M3 and M4, along with special editions of the upcoming M5, as well as a special model, which could be called XM if it doesn’t infringe Citroen’s name trademark.

Since the celebration needs impressive figures to go along with it, the XM model has been designated to be the most powerful BMW ever produced, a goal that it should achieve through a big V8 engine and electrification. About 200 HP of electric assistance on top of an already souped-up engine. As some insiders claim, BMW has decided to change the name of the X8 M into XM.

The V8 engine in question could be a massaged version of the of the S63, a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 unit that dates to 2010. Ever since its introduction, it has proven to be powerful, and we cannot wait to see how much power BMW engineers manage to squeeze out of the mill. Currently, the unit provides up to 626 horsepower and 750 Nm (553 lb.-ft) of torque in the M5 CS, but with the addition of an electric motor through a plug-in hybrid configuration, the XM should bring close to 750 HP and 1,000 Nm (737 lb.-ft) of torque.

Internally, the BMW XM is called Project Rockstar, so the Germans are serious with their intent to celebrate 50 years of the M Division with a big bang. The XM will also get lesser versions, which would keep the X8 moniker, but will bear the G09 codename, while the XM will be called G99. A similar distinction exists in the 3 Series/M3 ranges, along with the 4 Series/M4 ranges. So, this makes sense.

We know it will be launched sometime in 2022, which means that we should see a concept car at the 2021 Munich Auto Show, the event meant to replace the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Since this will be the first car show hosted since 2019 except for the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, BMW is expected to show up and bring a significant lineup at the event held in September.

The most likely launch date for the XM seems to be May 2022, the month when the M Division will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The XM is expected to get a special edition at the time of launch, which will include particular items from the optional equipment list, along with different color and material combinations.

It is evident at this time that BMW will employ staggered exahust tips, and CGI artist BMW43__ on Instagram has managed to illustrate them in an accurate manner.

With such a powerful model in the works, it was natural for BMW to test it on the Nürburgring but hopes for a new record are low since Porsche introduced the Cayenne Turbo GT with a record to its name. While BMW M Division’s engineers will strive to get the most performance of the XM, it will still be a heavy car with a large frontal area, both characteristics of a vehicle that might not break track records.