This is perhaps the coolest mail delivery truck


Yellowstone National Park (USA) has the coolest mail delivery truck. This “monster” Ford Super Duty can easily get into the interior of Yellowstone National Park.

When it comes to Yellowstone National Park (USA), magnificent mountain landscapes or majestic geysers surely come to mind. Others may have imagined images of a park exploding as a result of a powerful volcanic eruption, because all these hot springs are powered by a supervolcano. One thing that probably few people think about is arguably the coolest mail delivery truck.

It’s about the finest Ford Super Duty mail has ever been.

This is a specialized version of the full-size Ford F-550 pickup, which obviously has an upgraded suspension, a service “box” instead of a standard cargo platform, and slightly larger tires. By this we mean the ridiculously oversized proportions – 560 / 60R 22.5. 560 is the width at the sides in millimeters, and 60 is the percentage of that width for the sidewall height. With all that number, this equals a 13-inch sidewall. Overall, these tires are 49 inches tall.

However, you cannot drive through deep snow on thick tires alone. The width of the tires certainly provides some flotation, but to conquer absolutely any off-road, this F-550 has a heavily modified suspension that includes an eight-inch suspension lift, upgraded axles and such wide tires that protrude far beyond the fenders, special expanders the wings protect from debris by throwing it to the sides. You will also notice a rather aggressive looking front bumper. It has a step built into it so you can access the 6.7-liter diesel under the hood.

But why does Yellowstone National Park need such a delivery vehicle for the winter? In fact, there are permanent residents in the park, and when post offices close during the harsh winter months, this truck is simply irreplaceable. Twice a week, there is a 241-kilometer round-trip trip to deliver mail and goods to these apparently villagers.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Roush studio is working on its version of the Ford Bronco. Photos of the prototype of the Ford Bronco SUV have appeared on foreign forums. The car had red lines on the body, which are typical for cars by the Roush tuning studio.