This Is the First Bugatti Pool Table, and It Costs New Lamborghini Huracan Money


Part of a limited edition comprising of 30 such ultra-high-end products, it has been subjected to a photo shoot in the Cidade da Cultura Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, by IXO, next to a Bugatti Divo, and is ready for shipping to its owner in the United States.

“It is our pleasure to witness the first example of the Bugatti pool table completed by IXO,” said Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann. “Working with a manufacturing partner that matches the qualities and values of Bugatti with extremely high-end materials and unparalleled standards is of great importance for us.”

Each Bugatti pool table costs a jaw-dropping amount of money: €250,000 in Europe, equaling to almost $300,000 at the current exchange rates. For that sum, one could get an apartment or a house in most parts of the Western world, or a brand new Lamborghini Huracan. Add a bit more and you could also land not one, but TWO Porsche 911 GT3s.

Customers can choose between a variety of hues for the carbon fiber and leather adorning the pool table, which otherwise features the official Bugatti logo and a plaque that displays the limited number of each unit. It can be equipped with a gyroscopic sensor with a servo-driven system that automatically adjusts the legs in 5 milliseconds, making it suitable for use on yachts.

Accompanying the pool table are a few complimentary items, offered at no extra cost. For instance, the wall-mounted cue support, finished in carbon fiber, features a 13-inch high-res touchscreen display that keeps track of the score.

The cues were made of the same lightweight material and have CNC-machined aluminum ends in a design that mirrors the buttons inside the Chiron hypercar. A dimmable LED ceiling light is also included, alongside a black anodized aluminum chalk box, leather travel bag to transport the balls, and black cleaning brush.

Bugatti and IXO have documented the assembly of each pool table, and a selection of photos and videos will be given to each customer on a USB stick.