This is the rarest Ferrari F40 with a matte gray body


Almost all examples of the Italian supercar Ferrari F40 have a red body color. Accordingly, this Ferrari F40 with a matte gray body is an extremely rare car.

All copies of the sports coupe Ferrari F40, which left the factory of the Italian brand in the late 80s – early 90s of the last century, were painted in the same shade of red. Designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Prancing Horse, these delightful sports cars are painted in the color Rosso Corsa – also called Italian Racing Red.

But that doesn’t mean that the owners of this classic Ferrari, whether original or beloved, don’t have a choice about the color of their car.

They have every right to change it – apparently this is exactly what the owner of this example of the Italian supercar, whose body is painted in matte gray, did. The car was spotted in London (UK).

The matte gray color is certainly not as attractive as the original bright red shade, in which absolutely all Ferrari F40s were painted as standard. It can even be argued that among the ardent fans of the Italian brand who will see this instance of the iconic F40, there will be those who condemn such an act.

It is known that the body repainting was carried out by the renowned master Yiannimize.

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