This Rusty 1974 Chevrolet Nova Is an Internet Sensation, So Many People Want It


The production of the Nova was on the rise for the model year 1974, as Chevrolet ended up building more than 390,000 units. The Super Sport package was installed on less than 21,500 Novas. The Nova that we have here is a project car in all regards, and despite all the rust and the missing engine, quite a lot of people want to take it home. eBay seller bealdmax says the car was originally born with a 350 (5.7-liter) under the hood, but given no engine is now available on the car, this doesn’t matter much. According to some rough estimates, over 219,000 Novas that got to see the daylight in 1974 were equipped with a V8, while around 171,000 customers wanted the vehicle to run on six-cylinder power. As you can easily tell with just a few clicks on the photos in the gallery, this Nova has been having a hard time lately. Clearly, the car requires a ton of work, though, on the other hand, we’re being told the amount of rust is just minimal. In theory, this makes it a very compelling candidate for a full restoration, though the lack of an engine makes it a better choice for someone interested in a restomod. As said, the vehicle has received a lot of love lately, as the auction currently exceeds 50 bids. This isn’t by any means a surprise, as the owner is likely selling the car quite cheap, with the top offer at the time of writing getting close to $650. However, the reserve is yet to be unlocked, so it remains to be seen how high the bidding needs to go to win this Nova. If you want to see the car in person and better assess its condition, you can find it parked in Wellsville, Missouri, at least until the auction comes to an end.