This Toyota FJ Cruiser Just Sold for $81,000 and Proved That It’s Time for a New One


Take a look at the odometer on this FJ Cruiser and you’ll notice it only has two digits. 63 total miles have been driven in this Toyota SUV and it just sold to someone for $81,000. That’s a bonkers sum for a vehicle thats base price was less than $30,000 in 2014. Here’s what it tells us. The FJ Cruiser is just a strange vehicle in a number of ways. It has three windshield wipers, two normal doors, and in this case four-wheel drive. It’s not all that good to drive on the road and it’s not particularly practical either. Take it off road though and things change dramatically. The FJ was a slightly nicer Jeep Wrangler alternative that until recently hasn’t really existed. Of course, now we have the Bronco to fill that role but Toyota has never really filled the gap left by the FJ. Sure, the 4Runner can do a lot of the same stuff, but it doesn’t have the same following as the FJ. That’s why it’s not totally shocking to see this one on BringATrailer go for a staggering $81,000. Look around the new SUV market and you’ll find that many similarly equipped off-roaders get into this territory. Since this FJ Cruiser has only gone 63 miles over the course of its life it’s kind of like buying a brand new one. It comes with 17-inch wheels, a locking rear differential, all-terrain tires, and a compass. Of course, it also comes with a 2014 Toyota dash board… complete with knobs and switches that look like they’re from a recent Fisher-Price product. All of this is to say that Toyota could pretty easily announce a new FJ next week and the public would go bananas. They could even build the next 4Runner in two body styles, two door and four. That would do the trick too. What do you think? Is $81,000 too much for this basically new FJ Cruiser?