Three Adorable Wooden Cars Hit the Streets of Vietnam. They’re Kid-Size but Drivable


A Lambo, a BMW, and a Prancing Horse parading around is definitely a sight that will make your day, even if the cars are kid-size and made of wood.

They might be miniature versions of the iconic sports cars, but they’re still adorable, and most importantly, they are functional, as you can clearly see in the video. These beautiful creations belong to a Vietnamese artist who’s both a talented carpenter and a skillful engineer. Carving cars out of wood is such a passion for this guy that he even dedicated a YouTube channel to his hobby, and it was a wise decision. His ND Woodworking Art channel now has over half a million subscribers.

As far as we can tell, Truong Van Dao’s mini-cars are made for his lucky toddler, who gets to test drive all of them and appears in all his YouTube videos.

Accurately replicating such legendary wheelers requires a lot of time and patience. For instance, his wooden version of the Lamborghini Sian Roadster was a 65-day project, but all that hard work paid off. The car is equipped with a small electric motor, has LED lights, a functional steering wheel, and of course, the trademark Lambo gull-wing doors, which are activated via remote control.

The same goes for the other two vehicles flaunted through the city. The Ferrari 250 GTO took him 70 days to be completed and was a gift for his kid, to take his mind off a real Mercedes-Benz SUV he once saw and couldn’t have. So “the father of the year” built him what he claims to be the ”most expensive car in the world” to make up for it.

The ND Woodworking Art YouTube channel is not the only one where you can gaze at beautiful car replicas. In fact, another one with pretty much the same name is dedicated to the same activity, only at an even smaller scale. Woodworking Art, also owned by a Vietnamese carpenter, makes stunning car models that you can also purchase online.