Tiny Digital 2021 Bronco “Street Hot” Convertible Might Anger Ford and smart Fans


With something as controversial (mostly because of Ford’s problems and delays) as it is successful, it was only logical the 2021 Bronco reinvention would become a darling of the automotive world’s pixel masters.

And there’s no shortage of CGI examples, with the Bronco imagined in all kinds of situations. Some are classic, some are modern, some are stock, others are completely modified. A few might even be considered humorously vintage. The gist of it all is that just about everything has been tried, and not just by obscure virtual artists, but also by renowned CGI stars.

If we are to judge abstractly, we could say this latest project that piggybacks on a prior idea is here to show the reservoir of imagination is starting to drain, at least as far as the sixth-generation SUV is concerned. But that would prove narrow-minded.

This is because we are dealing with Oscar Vargas, the pixel master behind the wb.artist20 account on social media. He’s a well-established name in the virtual automotive world, so much so that he’s probably getting away with the fact that he’s drawing (pun intended) 3D inspiration from a design penned by none other than Chip Foose.

Not long ago, Hagerty invited the legendary custom builder and auto designer to draw a car. He did just that by downsizing (and perhaps downgrading) the 2021 Bronco SUV to a street-oriented two-door convertible. Naturally, he had a lot of performance in mind, but the off-roader still managed to look decidedly puny…

Now Vargas has taken everything up a notch and in 3D. The resulting 2021 Bronco “Street Hot” (it’s our nickname, just so you know) Convertible still looks tiny. And it is clearly way off the perspective mark, with those huge wheels and grille, and not enough sheet metal. Not to mention the cockpit doesn’t look fit for adults…

If you ask us, this minuscule 2021 Bronco interpretation would manage to anger both smart (Daimler and Geely’s brand) and Blue Oval fans if somebody decided to make it real. Luckily, that probably will never be the case!