Tom Cruise’s Final MI Stunt: Landing Helicopter in London After Wrap


Tom Cruise will not be returning to the big screen in 2021, despite initial plans, but he has been hard at work. After twelve months of filming, it’s a wrap on Mission Impossible 7.

The famous movie star has been calling England home for the past year, having lived there ever since he started filming last September. The seventh installment of the popular action-spy franchise had its share of setbacks along the way, from scandals to controversies and theft to health crisis. But they’ve managed to keep it under control and director Christopher McQuarrie announced, over the weekend, they finally completed filming.

To his fans’ delight, Tom Cruise had a lot of outdoor activities that kept him connected to them, one way or another. Be it landing in people’s gardens and taking them out for a ride or jumping out of a helicopter for spectacular stunts, the actor knows how to keep up the hype.

The production for the seventh installment has remained highly secretive and there’s little information about its plot, but one thing is for sure: the 59-year-old will marvel us with his stunts, impossible jumps from helicopters and gravity-challenging driving. And, unlike MI6, Cruise wasn’t involved in any accidents while filming.

Until we get to see MI7, the action movie star celebrated the end of filming in his signature way, landing his helicopter in London, UK to probably enjoying a much-needed vacation after extensive and physically challenging filming. However, his break might not be too long, because he might get back on set soon to start filming for the franchise’s eighth installment.

We have a lot to expect from Cruise next year, as he returns to two beloved characters, Ethan Hunt and Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. While both movies encountered significant delays and have been postponed a few times due to the health crisis, Top Gun has an official premiere date for May 27, 2022, while MI7 will premiere on September 30, 2022.

Tom Cruise lands helicopter in London as he finally wraps Mission Impossible 7

— The Sun TV (@TheSunTV) September 14, 2021