Top Google Maps Rival Announces New-Gen Feature for Electric Vehicles


Navigation apps out there are slowly but surely adapting to the new trends in the automotive market, and the push for electric vehicles calls for major updates in their case as well. Google Maps, for example, has been offering charging station information in some specific regions, including the U.S., for quite a while. And not a long time ago, Waze has been updated with EV charging data as well, therefore preparing for the invasion of electric vehicles on public roads out there. But a partnership between HERE and DCS is supposed to make the whole thing even more convenient. Digital Charging Solutions, or DCS, currently operates one of the largest charging networks in the world, with estimates pointing to over 280,000 connectors in Europe and Japan. If you believe you’ve heard of DCS before, it’s because this is the company that provides charging services for big names like Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai. The partnership with HERE will allow the two companies to offer charging station information pre-loaded on new cars. HERE is the provider of navigation solutions for many large carmakers out there, so thanks to this collaboration, the location of charging points operated by DCS will make its way to HERE’s maps. Once the maps are updated with such information, they can become available on any new car whose navigation is powered by HERE. Needless to say, the experience will be more advanced and polished in a way that makes sense for every driver, regardless of their electric vehicle. For example, drivers will be allowed to search for charging stations that are compatible with their cars, with filters for distance and pricing. So in theory, finding the right charging station will be much easier in a car running on HERE navigation once the DCS update goes live. At this point, however, there’s no ETA as to when the first EVs could be provided with these new capabilities.