TopGear Teases Speedweek 2021: An Insane Salute To All Things Fast


The almighty lap time is no longer on the top of the podium in TopGears Speedweek 2021. This time, it’s all about having fun going fast no matter what you’re driving. 

It’s Speedweek 2021 for the folks at TopGear. Which means a full-blown no-holds-barred competition between roughly 6-million dollars of value and more than 12,000 horsepower broken into just 26 cars. We all come away as winners this time. 

TopGear in many ways set the bar for supercars more than twenty years ago by openly pitting them against one another for all to see on the familar Dunsfold Aerodrome. It was there that many automotive enthusiasts came to appreciate what made one car faster than another. 

Now though, times are changing, and this teaser from TopGear couldn’t make that any more clear. Instead of a full pack of lap time crushing hypercars and supercars, this field is full of speedsters more suited to one of modest means. 

We see an original MINI Cooper with some modernizations, a Prodrive BRX Hunter, and even a Golf R. There is no word yet on who let that last one compete with the rest of these fun cars. Still, the entire competition looks like a hoot.

The Prodrive joins a Land Rover Defender and a Morgan CX-T for some off-track fun at one point. Three more different ways to do that there might not be.

Of course, the wild supercars make an appearance as well. One of the only clips we get of Chris Harris is him shouting loudly about how good the new Lamborghini Huracan EVO is. Apparently, it’s dramatically better than he expected. “Best Lamborghini I’ve driven in ten years,” he exclaims. 

Then there’s the stuff that not even the hypercar manufacturers want to play with. Ever heard of a McMurty Speirling? It’s tiny and tips the scales at just 2,204 pounds. Yet its rear wheels are powered by an electric motor producing 1,000 horsepower. Did we mention it also sucks itself to the ground to create downforce? 

We cannot wait to see these things head to head. Except the VW. Maybe there’s a reason it’s not featured in the film aside from being in the background of other cars still shots.