Toyota announced the premiere of the new Corolla Cross crossover for the US car market


The Japanese automaker will unveil a new SUV for the US market next week. In anticipation of this highly anticipated event, Toyota has released a short video announcing the upcoming crossover.

Thanks to the latest teasers, we know the crossover will get beefy fenders and a windshield that merges into a sloping roof. The stylish image of the new SUV is complemented by a pronounced waist line, and at the stern we notice something similar to a rear spoiler.

The brand itself only added intrigue: “Even the most iconic works of art are born from a simple sketch.” And the brand also hinted that the new cross will be one of the options for the current Toyota model.

According to the assumptions of foreign auto experts, it could be a Corolla Cross, since the car was recently spotted on road tests in the United States. At the same time, there have been no official comments on this matter yet. The compact crossover Toyota Corolla Cross debuted last summer.

Its length is 4.46 meters with a wheelbase of 2.64 meters. The width reaches 1.82 meters, and the height is 1.62 meters.

With such dimensions, it turns out to be slightly larger than the C-HR, but does not reach the parameters of the RAV4. Whether the forecast will come true, we will find out very soon at the premiere of the new SUV on June 2.