Toyota GR Supra to get manual transmission this year


Toyota GAZOO Racing has done a lot of upgrades to the GR Supra since it returned in 2019. But the one thing which fans wanted that this Supra has not come with is a manual transmission. The shared development with BMW made it more convenient to use the same type of transmission – an 8-speed automatic – rather than separately engineer for a manual transmission. Although people may think that it’s a simple matter, everything involves time and cost and there must be a good business case too. Toyota’s Executive Chief Engineer (involved in the high-performance products) Tetsuya Tada had explained that the automatic transmission for the GR Supra is an ‘excellent transmission’ and it also handles lots of torque well. So that’s helpful when it comes to tuners bumping up the output as they are less likely to destroy the transmission. But he never ruled out the possibility of having a manual transmission too and now, three years down the road, the GR Supra will soon be available with a manual transmission. An official communication from Toyota Europe says that ‘all-new, tailor-made manual transmission is coming soon’. It ends with a hashtag #savethemanual which is probably a sentiment supported by Tada-san’s boss, the President of Toyota, Akio Toyoda. All previous Supras have had manual gearboxes (besides automatics) with the last generation also having a Getrag unit in some markets. Details of the transmission are not revealed, and the only images shown are the pedals. Toyota Europe also offers pictures of the three pedals in the GR 86 and GR Yaris, with the GR Supra having a throttle pedal that is floor-hinged whereas the other two cars have it top-hinged. The last generation of the Supra had two types of manual transmissions – a 5-speed Aisin W58 unit and in some markets, a 6-speed V161 (Getrag 233) transmission. The Getrag unit was well known to be a robust unit and praised for its ability to handle very high outputs. If there were transmission failures, it was mainly due to missed shifts. Throttle pedals in the GR 86 (above) and GR Yaris (below) are top-hinged whereas the one for the manual Supra will be bottom-hinged. Perhaps Toyota GR will use this proven Getrag gearbox again. From the words ‘all-new’, it is likely that this is an independent development by the Toyota GR team and so they can choose their own hardware. Or it could also be the gearbox from the M3. The current powertrain line-up has two BMW-sourced turbocharged engines – a 3-litre in-line six and 2-litre in-line four – and it is likely that the bigger, more powerful engine will get the manual shifter. Whether it will be a limited edition or an addition to the line-up is uncertain. Toyota GR has done some limited editions and one more hint about the new variant is that it will be identified by a new red-coloured ‘Supra’ badge. The post Toyota GR Supra to get manual transmission this year appeared first on News and reviews on Malaysian cars, motorcycles and automotive lifestyle.  » Read More