Toyota GR Yaris had a serious accident during a test drive.


“Hollywood” footage with the participation of the new Toyota GR Yaris appeared on the Internet. The car tumbled several times and flew off the track onto the gravel.

When Toyota conceived the GR Yaris as a version for its rally car, FIA rules required the concern to build 25,000 road versions. And even when Toyota’s motorsport plans changed and the company decided to continue racing in the WRC with the previous model, it fulfilled its commitment to build all 25,000 vehicles.

From this video, the company may be leaving this production line open. The day before, the camera caught footage of the accident that occurred during the tests of this sports model. This accident can be compared to footage from Hollywood movies with a coup on the roof due to the power of the 257-horsepower three-cylinder engine.

The footage is grainy and shot with a camera located far from the scene of the accident. While doing so, GR Yaris can be seen suddenly zipping at high speed in the upper left corner of the frame. The car rides on two wheels on a wet track.

The driver seems to be in control. But the car crashes into a dry section of the track, restoring grip. Since the driver still has a corrective lock, the small hatchback flies out of the corner. He began to spin the other way and hit the gravel. Because of this, the car rolls over several times before finally coming to a stop.

The footage does not show how the driver leaves the scene of the accident. But the description under the video on the owner’s channel says the pilot was not injured. But the car was less fortunate. A second video on the same channel shows that the damage was serious.

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