Toyota GT86 Widebody Has Supra and Lexus Genes, Real Build Could Happen


There are many garages out there in the business of giving a new face to whatever car the customer drives through the gates. And there are probably even more digital designers that work their magic on computer screens. When these two worlds collide, incredible custom machines could come to life, especially if something as loved by both as the Toyota GT86 is involved.

The Japanese carmaker’s sports car has been around in some form or another since the early 2010s, managing to become the favorite Toyota-based canvas for custom shops and digital designers, at least until the new Supra came along back in 2019.

All sorts of body kits for the 86 have been created both in the real world and in the digital one, some crazier than others, so there are probably a few things one could come up with to make the model stand out in the ocean of customized builds of this kind.

Or could they? Here’s another example of a rendered widebody kit for the GT86, coming from the hands of digital designer Khyzyl Saleem.

And while it may not look all that different from some other similar work we’ve seen before, it does come with the promise of potentially being made in the real world, thanks to Saleem’s connections to a shop called Live to Offend (LTO). Especially given how the man says, “I recently bought one as my new daily driver!”

The car shows the usual enlarged hips and sculpted body elements, with the front borrowing some of the looks of the new Supra, and the rest boasting some Lexus (LC500 and the mighty LFA) cues. All, says the designer, while trying to stay true to the “original body lines of the car,” and despite the crazy rear wing that extends not from where they usually do, but directly from the roof.