Toyota Prius tops the rating of cars that are more often chosen “once and for all”


The iSeeCars Internet service, which specializes in the sale of used cars, named the models that their owners rarely part with.

To find such models, experts examined over 660,000 used car deals last year. They all rolled off the assembly line between 1981 and 2005. Moreover, the specialists paid special attention to a number of criteria to make the rating as objective as possible.

So, the model should be massive and released not only during the analyzed period, but also in our time. Moreover, cars of expensive premium brands, like Ferrari and Porsche, did not participate in the struggle for leadership.

Experts unanimously gave the first place to the Japanese model Toyota Prius. About 13.7% of resold cars over 15 years had only one owner. The following places also belong to cars with the Toyota logo: these are the Highlander crossover, Tacoma pickup, Sienna minivan and Tundra pickup.

Even at the bottom of the top ten cars, which are owned by the longest, the Toyota Sequoia and 4Runner SUVs – their share exceeds nine percent.

The Toyota models are diluted by representatives of the Japanese car industry – Honda Pilot and CR-V, as well as Subaru Forester.