Toyota RAV4 Hybrid wait times blow out again after new round of production cuts


Five Japanese factories will lose up to 11 days of output next month in continuing Toyota production drama which will lead to longer wait times in Australia.

Paul Gover


Production disruptions at Toyota factories in Japan will continue in August, with deliveries of the hugely popular RAV4 Hybrid and LandCruiser 300 hit yet again.

Only one day of the top-selling RAV4 production will be lost, but 11 days of LandCruiser 300 Series is scheduled to be dropped and Prado output will also be dented.

Nevertheless, the latest interruption to production is destined to be felt on showroom floors in Australia, with dealers warning customers waiting times are due to get longer rather than shorter.

The Corolla, C-HR, Camry and LandCruiser 70 Series are also affected.


The impact on Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will be felt hardest in Australia, where the top seller is under ongoing showroom pressures.

Waiting times currently range anywhere from six to 18 months – and beyond – depending on model grade and trim options.

“It’s getting worse, not better,” said one Toyota dealer canvassed by Drive.

“We have little to no visibility of when these cars will arrive.”


The latest change to Toyota’s production plans will wipe 50,000 cars out of its Japanese factories next month, but it is still standing on its full-year production forecast of 9.7 million vehicles.

Toyota made two revisions to its July production plan during June, eventually cutting a total of 800,000 vehicles – 250,000 of them from Japan.


Toyota Motor Corporation apologised again as it confirmed details of its August production, which it said is still impacted by parts and semiconductor shortages as a result of the spread of Covid-19 in Japan.

But there is no news on production beyond August, or firm details for waiting customers in Australia.

“Toyota Australia is providing regular updates as soon as new information is received to ensure that customers and dealers are kept informed of the latest situation,” said a spokesperson for Toyota Australia.

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