Train Sim World 2 Introduces Nahverkehr Dresden, One of the Busiest Routes in the Game


One of the busiest railways in Germany, Nahverkehr Dresden is now part of Train Sim World 2, as part of the Rush Hour Season Ticket. Introduced last month, Rush Hour was supposed to introduce three new routes, but only added the busiest and fastest passenger rail line in the United States, the Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence.

Today, owners of the Rush Hour Season Ticket are getting access to another important rail line: Riesa – Dresden. Nahverkehr Dresden dates from back 1830s and it’s one of Germany’s first long-distance railways. Players will have to manage the famous Dresden Hbf with commuters and international travelers, as well as a blend of S-Bahn, regional, inter-city, and freight traffic.

Also, the Nahverkehr Dresden route brings five new locomotives that Train Sim World 2 players will be able to drive: DB BR 442, BR 143, BR 146.2 BR 363, MRCE BR 185.5, and the BR 406 ICE 3M. All five locomotives have been officially licensed and authentically recreated, developer Dovetail Games claims.

For those who haven’t yet bought Rush Hour, here is a quick rundown of the new features added. First off, there’s a new passenger system available, which adds a greater variety of travelers, new clothing and increased volume during peak times.

An updated immersion controller scheme has been introduced to provide players with quicker access to controls and camera views, including the new “head out” camera.

Nahverkehr Dresden joins the Boston Sprinter route that was released along with Rush Hour, but there’s a third route coming soon to Train Sim World 2: London Commuter. The latter is Britain’s busiest main lines from the historic London Victoria, through the international hub of Gatwick Airport and into the older railway seaside resort in the country, Brighton.

Newcomers to the series can grab the Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour Deluxe Edition bundle which includes Train Sim World 2 and the Rush Hour expansion for $50, while those who already own the base game can buy the Rush Hour Season Ticker for $40.