Traxxas unveils R / C truck model for real drag racing


Traxxas has unveiled a 1:10 scale RC model of a Chevy truck. As the creators of this miniature masterpiece say, the car was created for real drag racing. The toy costs $ 499

This 1:10 scale novelty from Traxxas is called the Drag Slash and is specifically designed for fast, straight-line driving. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a standard RC off-road car with fat tires – Traxxas provides Drag Slash with all sorts of technologies that are not unlike what you’d find on real drag racing cars. It has a dedicated metal gearbox and a fluid-filled four-speed differential, all designed to send power to the wheels. The truck comes with a Velineon brushless 10-turn motor that drives the rear slicks.

To help keep this powerful car on the straight, Drag Slash comes with an adjustable stability control system that can be turned off completely.

There is also a dedicated “trans brake” on the controller that basically overrides the throttle setting. Press the transmission brake button and pull the throttle trigger, and the Drag Slash will be steadily held in line. Release the button and it will fire with whatever power you put on the trigger.

As shown in the video at the top of the article, the truck starts with enough force to make an adjustable tail bar absolutely essential. The suspension of the model is also adjustable, and while Traxxas does not mention the top speed of this truck, the speed looks pretty impressive.

The truck is exceptionally detailed and not much different from what we see in the current generation of RC off-road trucks. The body is modeled after a 1967 Chevrolet C10 pickup, and from the false grille to the cargo platform and cool headlights, it looks pretty darn fantastic.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Traxxas presents a very realistic model of the Ford Bronco SUV. Texas-based, US-based radio-controlled car maker Traxxas has just unveiled its interpretation of the new Ford Bronco SUV.