Tuned Mercedes G-Wagen Is Plain Ugly, Has OTT Widebody, G BOSS Starry Sky


This Mercedes G-Class has more add-ons than you can count by using the fingers on both hands. When all of them come together, they give birth to the so-called G-BOSS.

For giggles, you can try and guess the tuner behind it, but we’ll tell you from the start it’s not Mansory. As a matter of fact, it is a less known company that goes by the name of G&B Design, who boldly refers to the project as “creating a perfect symbiosis of lifestyle, technology and design.”

Described as “spectacular,” the widebody kit is suitable for all models of the W463 generation. It comprises fender extensions on all four corners, huge side skirts, tuned front and rear bumpers with lower attachments, new bulky hood, and Panamericana-like grille. Additional lights and a spoiler have been added to the roof, and the tuner’s logo can be seen on certain parts.

Riding on 10×24-inch front and 11.5×24-inch rear wheels, shod in 295/30 tires all around, the whole build sports a yellow finish with contrasting black accents. The rear privacy windows are included, together with the tinted taillights and an aftermarket wheel holder attached to the rear door.

Unsurprisingly, the cabin features a similar color scheme, although black is the dominating shade here. The yellow string provides contrast to the seats, center armrest, and door cards, and more yellow trim can be seen on the center console and B pillars. The seatbelts have an identical look, and we reckon the lively color is found on other parts.

As for the final touch, this custom G-Wagen, which looks just about ready to star in a rap video or to take on the role of a high-end NYC cab, has a starry sky, said to have been an “enormous expense.” Nothing weird so far, but it actually reads ‘G BOSS’, so that’s another way of ruining a perfectly fine 4×4.