Tuned Porsche 911 GT2 becomes the world’s fastest street car at the Nurburgring


Porsche 911 GT2 with Manthey Performance Kit overcame Green Hell in a record 6: 43,300.

Porsche is no stranger to the Nürburgring. The company has set a new lap record for the fastest street car.

Earlier this month, the 911 GT2 RS with the Manthey Performance Kit was able to pass Green Hell in 6: 43,300. This broke the previous record of 6: 48,047, which set the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, by 4.747 seconds on a 20.8 km track. At the time, AMG said it had recorded the time at 6: 43.616.

Although not standard, the kit has been developed in close collaboration with the automaker and is marketed by Porsche Tequipment. It has a number of aerodynamic components, including additional flaps on the front spoiler, a modified diffuser, a unique spoiler and aero discs for the rear wheels. Thanks to these changes, the model provides an additional downforce of 21 kg at the front and an additional 107 kg at the rear at 200 km / h.

The updates don’t end there, as the package also includes 20-21-inch magnesium wheels, which are backed up by a ceramic composite braking system with steel lines and custom racing pads.

There is also a “track-optimized” suspension with adjustable dampers.

The record was broken by Porsche development pilot Lars Kern. He noticed that the 911 GT2 RS sticks to the track like glue with the Manthey Performance Kit. The car lowers its 690 hp. and how incredibly good it brakes while still being easy to control.

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