Unique windshield for McLaren Elva speedster


Such a car is only 20 kilograms heavier than an ordinary speedster, devoid of a roof and windshield.

McLaren Elva is a unique supercar with a special air flow control system. It is devoid of many traditional body elements, which did not prevent it from demonstrating impressive dynamics. Initially, the brand was going to produce 399 cars.

Then their number was reduced to 249 copies, and the last official figure is only 149. To allow the car to move on the roads of different countries, experts from Woking have developed a special windshield that minimizes weight gain.

Compared to the original speedster, the modified Elva with a windshield is only 20 kilograms heavier. And this despite the fact that, in addition to glass, there are wipers with a rain sensor, washer nozzles and carbon pillars for attaching it. And the windshield also gets a heating function and sun visors.

Weight loss was minimized by eliminating the Active Air Management System. This is a special retractable flap in the front of the car, necessary in order to redirect air above the cab and create a virtual windshield effect.

Now the need for such imitation has disappeared. McLaren calls its development the lightest windshield for a road car. As for the dynamics, then up to a hundred such a McLaren Elva will accelerate in just 2.8 seconds. The first speedsters with a windshield will fall into the hands of customers by the end of this year.

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