V8 Hotel Is One-of-a-Kind Automotive Themed Hotel: Sleeps You In a Car Bed


Located in the heart of Stuttgart within the MotorWorld region, lies a gearheads dream stay; the V8 Hotel. If this place is new to you, then it means we must be doing our job properly. However, a quick search on Google reveals this heaven as an option for you to stay whenever you visit Deutschland.

Since 2018, this hotel has been attracting people from all over the world with its 153 alluring and themed rooms. Not only this, but the hotel also offers an array of activities, all aimed at automotive, motorcycle, and aircraft lovers alike.

Just to understand how in demand the hotel is, I tried to book a room, and around late October, early November, was the only availability I could find. And let’s be honest here, who the heck wants to go to Germany in the winter; it’s hella cold. Maybe some driving on ice would be the only reason to head out that so late in the year.

To make things easy to follow, let me start off by saying that the V8 is also a standard hotel, so not all rooms offer a car themed setting. Some are just downright classic rooms, nothing special except the location.

On the other hand, 26 individually themed rooms do exist, and man are the friggin sweet. If you follow autoevolution regularly, you may have caught on by now that cars are better left to my colleagues, but even so, the moment I laid eyes upon a bed that lets me sleep in a Volkswagen beetle with the classic 53 (Herbie) on it…whoo!

If Beetles aren’t your thing, how about a night in the workshop where you’ll be sleeping in a bed where some sort of diagnostics check is being run underneath by, what I hope is only a mannequin. You’ll see what I mean in the gallery. That mannequin throwing off your groove, then the Drive-In Cinema room for all you Cadillac lovers, it is.

One room that does seem to be available right now is the V12 – The Mercedes Suite. All you need to know is in the name. For a bit over €620 ($731 at current exchange rates), you can book this suite for one night and live it up in a three-level suite inclusive of a sauna and a roof-top lounge. What more could you want?

As I mentioned earlier, an array of activities is available for guests, including dining and drinking, tours through the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums, and shopping sprees. But the real attractions are the test drives you can perform while attending this hotel.

Though a program known as Drive It, you’ll be able to select a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S or a Tesla Model X and even a Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe to test drive while you stay at the V8. Don’t like cars? Well, a Ride On activity lets you ride around on a Harley-Davidson. These activities are usually accompanied by room and board packages as well, so you’ll be dishing out a bit more cash.

If you and your SO want to take a special ride but bringing the children along is out of the question, not a problem here either. You can sign them up for a Sensapolis adventure park that spans over 10,000 sq m. (107,639 sq ft). Maybe give them a spin in a flight simulator while you hit up the next 18 holes of golf.

Because the V8 Hotel is where it is, you’ll also be able to find a number of activities outside the hotel. Heck, if you ever make it to this haven, make sure to do all the activities, as you never know when the next possibility to visit may be.