Valentino Rossi Might Name a Trophy in MotoGP, Organizers Still Undecided


Despite retiring from the top tier of MotoGP racing, Valentino Rossi’s name might still be heard at the prize-giving ceremony after each grand Prix. This time, instead of getting a prize, Valentino Rossi might be the name of a trophy, but MotoGP organizers are not yet decided what does a rider has to do to be eligible. There is a possibility that the Valentino Rossi trophy in MotoGP might be awarded similarly to the Pilot of the Day award in F1, where fans vote online to award the best performance in a race. Other criteria are also considered, such as giving the prize to whoever manages to get the fastest lap, the biggest number of fastest laps in a season, or the number of overtakes in a GP. There is even a possibility of an end-of-the-season prize, which could be awarded to the rider who obtained the highest number of fastest laps in a season, or the highest number of overtakes in a season, or something along these lines. The Valentino Rossi-named trophy is a rumor that was started after papers referring to it were leaked. The Spaniards at Motociclismo have seen the leaked document. It is rather surprising that the organizers of MotoGP have yet to decide upon this trophy, but their indecision might be understandable. Rossi logged 76 fastest laps in his 22-year career in MotoGP, while his overtaking skills were equally legendary. It is difficult for us to choose, so it makes sense for the series organizers to be undecided on the matter. The best news is that the trophy is being considered, and this is just one step in preserving the legacy of the Italian racing legend. If you miss Valentino Rossi on the grid, do not worry, as he will be in the paddock at most races, if not all, as he has a team that competes in the sport. In other words, getting a ticket with paddock access at a MotoGP race might land you the chance to see Valentino Rossi in person, even if it is from a distance. The nine-time MotoGP champion is notoriously difficult to get to, which is understandable if you consider his massive fan base.