Valtteri Bottas Enjoys Time Off in Finland, Sprints on LYNX, Gets Stuck in Snow


As his contract with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team is up, Valtteri Bottas will be joining Alfa Romeo in the upcoming Formula One season. But, until then, he celebrated Christmas in Finland, and Santa’s sleighs this year were Ski-Doo and LYNX snowmobiles. This Formula One season has been nerve-wracking, and it was more than just the competition between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. It was also Valtteri Bottas’ last season with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, as he’s becoming part of Alfa Romeo starting 2022. But, right now, with the season having ended, everyone has some time off to relax and chill. The Finnish racing driver took the “chilling” part of the deal quite seriously and returned home to Finland for the holidays, with his girlfriend, Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell. The two had a lot of fun despite the obvious low temperatures, and even hiked on Saana, a fell in Enontekiö, Finland, whose summit lies 1,029 meters above sea level, and it was covered in beautiful snow. Cromwell seems to have adjusted to the cold pretty well, as she saw it as good training: “Never get tired of the views when hiking Saana. Two times in one week = some quality winter cross training.” Wearing Christmas hats, they also saw reindeer. Another fun activity they tried on their holiday in the Arctic was trail fun with a Ski-Doo and LYNX snowmobiles. Based on some pictures their friend, Marco Leonardo, shared on his Instagram account, the two were on Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS and LYNX Rave RE snowmobiles. The 2022 MXR X-RS adds Smart-Shox semi-active suspension (for the 850 E-TEC model) and comes with two sets of LinQ attachment points. Powered by a Rotax engine, it offers two options, the 850 E-TEC and the 600R E-TEC. Most likely, the racing driver would’ve gone for the top-of-the-line version, which comes with an 849-cc two-cylinder, liquid-cooled, two-stroke eRave engine, putting out 165 horsepower. It has an electric starter, RAS X front suspension and rMotion X rear suspension, and features a 7.9″ wide LCD with BRP Connection. The LYNX Rave RE comes with the same 850 E-TEC two-cylinder, liquid-cooled Rotax engine, adds LFS+ suspension and PPS-3500 rear suspension, and a 7.2″ wide digital display in the center. Their experience wasn’t without any impediments, but the thing you remember most on holidays is the unexpected. According to an Instagram post made by Marco Leonardo, their snowmobile got stuck at some point, but they decided to look at the bright side. He wrote on social media that the first rule when you get stuck is to “take off your helmet, sit down for a moment and enjoy the scenery.” After they admired the view, they dug around the snowmobile, as we can see in one of the pictures captured in our gallery, and off they went towards the windswept fells. It does sound like a holiday you don’t experience often.