Vanderhall Brawley revealed as an old-school electric off-roader


A breath of fresh air, literal or otherwise.

Utah-based three-wheeler maker Vanderhall Motor Works is trying out a four-wheeler for the first time, which it calls ‘Brawley’. In fact, the Brawley marks a couple more firsts for Vanderhall: the vehicle is an off-roader and is all-electric.


From the front and front-three quarter angles, the Brawley looks just like how an all-electric Wrangler concept would look; let’s hope that Stellantis’ lawyers don’t send a notice to Vanderhall. Other than that, the Brawley boasts 18-inch wheels wrapped with 35-inch off-road tyres and up to 22-inches of suspension travel.


Inside, there is seating for four adults, and lots of glass areas. That additional glass on the door panel should make the off-roading experience even better. Apparently, the roof sections are removable. The dashboard has been kept super simple with only essential, physical controls;

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