Vehicles Like the PET-AMB Will One Day Be Used to Save the Life of Your Pet


Well, I’m not the only person who has though of this exact situation before. In fact, a group of students from Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology have devised an EV concept aimed at offering your pet the fastest and safest ambulatory solution.

It’s called the PET-AMB, and this three-wheeled EV might just be called to the rescue one day. Reason being, it’s already been granted the iF Design Talent Award. By the end of this article, you too may have a very good idea as to why this design has gotten an award, even though it’s just a rendering, for now.

One way to understand how this ambulance is meant to perform, know that its design is aimed at being small, nimble, and able to weave through heavy traffic as if it didn’t exist, all the while escorting your pet to safety. Because the entire vehicle is setup on a sort of moped frame, but with a dual-wheel rear, it seems just right to create a space capable of carrying your beloved fuzzballs to the vet. Not to mention that a moped frame is much smaller than a standard ambulance, allowing it to squeeze through traffic with ease.

Since this is all about the pets in our lives, the most important feature on the PET-AMB is the patient compartment. If you’re to have an emergency that can’t be solved immediately, your pet will be taking a VIP ride as though it were a human.

Inside, a gurney or stretcher will be used to offer the animal a comfortable way of being transported, while a few security belts will hold your pet in place. The stretcher, too, behaves just like those destined for humans and includes deployable legs with wheels for easy maneuverability.

To help first responders effectively treat a situation, one feature you’ll find a board the PET-AMB is that of storage spaces. Yes, these areas would be used to store any emergency equipment that may be needed to stabilize your pet. Even though no mention is made of a climate control panel, I’m sure the students thought of this too.

To help keep the rear even more stable than it already is, an independent suspension is available to each wheel, while the center of the moped includes a connecting shaft that allows the front of the vehicle to tilt without tilting the rear as well.

Now, let’s say you’re a first responder. You get a call during peak traffic hours about an accident involving an animal. Ambulance at the ready, you get there no problem, even took the sidewalk a couple of times just to get through the traffic. On the scene you realize that the animal is much larger than the rear of your vehicle. Not a problem at all. At the touch of a button, the rear of the ambulance can be pulled out and the previous situation is solved.

The front of the vehicle, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for the driver. A wide body front with space for just one rider is all that the PET-AMB can do. Even though there is no exact mention if this vehicle is an EV or not, there are no visible components that would hint otherwise. To make sure the pet or animal is always stable, a mounted device shows all health parameters in real time, while a widow is found behind the driver to offer a direct line of sight to your pet.

One thing I noticed when I stripped away the idea of an ambulance from this vehicle, is a simple cargo moped. What does this mean? It simple means that the very near future could be seeing lots of these vehicles on our streets. Maybe even adapt them for a human at one point. You never know.

One thing is for sure, if I had a fridge magnet with the number to an ambulance service for my pet, and one that can beat rush hour, then I too would feel like giving this team of students and award. Since I don’t have any awards, I’ll just present their idea to the world. Maybe they receive some funding, if not already.