Vermillion 1970 Ford Torino 429 Has No Chance at Flying Under the Cobra Radar


As far as classic Blue Oval muscle cars are concerned, everyone knows that during the 1960s and 1970s, its Torino was a motorsport class over the iconic Mustang. And most builds were not disappointing. Well, one might leave with some truly mixed feelings after checking out the highlights for this second-generation 1970 Ford Torino. And better snap out of the Vermillion-induced amazement trance because there are more than a few issues with this 429ci Super Cobra Jet. It resides proudly in the inventory of a Sherman, Texas-based dealership dubbed PC Classic Cars. From there, it presents itself with a mesmerizingly orange-and-black paintjob (original code 1 Vermillion shade). But the first hint of trouble comes from the notice that it’s been repainted during prior ownership. The 15-inch Magnum 500 wheels, Marti report, Drag Pack Torino mentions bring a shade of hope. But it’s very quickly drenched in modification sorrow. For example, the odometer reads no less than 81,986 miles/131,944 km, and “actual mileage cannot be verified.” That is another form of saying we are dealing with another nasty case of the TMU (Total Mileage Unknown) variety. Continuing, the shaker hood with the legendary 429 inscriptions will make Blue Oval fans’ hearts flutter. Alas, we have more unwelcome news. This was not the original engine block, the shaker hood is a later add-on, while the C6 three-speed automatic transmission was swapped in place of the original four-speed manual… And the third pedal is still in the car for some error-inducing reason! Anyway, there is a fairly lengthy enhancements list as well. It includes stuff like the Flowmaster mufflers to make you feel good about the 429ci V8 soundtrack if the deal goes through. As for the damage to the bank account, all we can say is that used classic car prices have gone a little overboard. Thus, this Torino’s asking price is dangerously close to a $50k milestone, standing in at $48,500.