Versace Has Their Very Own Skateboard so You Can Kickflip With Style and Fashion


If you had any doubt of how important urban mobility may be, no matter the level, just take the above statement as an example of what’s happening in the world. Yes, Versace, the one founded in Milan back in 1978, the same one that produces clothing accessories, jewelry, watches, and even eyewear and fragrances, have in their arsenal, a skateboard.

A skateboard that you can buy for $795 (€669 at current exchange rates). But why the heck would they do something like this? After all, who would ever dream of doing a dark slide on good old Medusa’s face? Well, there’s got to be somebody who would love to show up to a skatepark with one of these boards and just destroy it. Why? Because they can and have the money.

Now, when you think about it, $795 for a skateboard isn’t all that much considering some run upwards of $7,000 or more, and that’s just for the deck. Here, you get a fully equipped board for that price, deck, trucks, and wheels. Not to mention two design options.

However, the white and black print is only available in the U.S., while the golden variation seems to be available in Europe and other parts of the world, but again, no U.S. So, if you want one, you’ll have to make some friends overseas and they can ship it to you. Now, the white and black print is made in Spain, and so I’m going to assume that both designs are manufactured there. If that’s true, you can probably ask a Versace dealer to order a golden variation.

But are these boards any good for skateboarding? Well, there isn’t much to go on no matter which Versace website you visit. For example, the only thing that is mentioned about the deck is that it has an outer fabric made of wood. There’s no mention at the number of ply either. So how are you supposed to know how well it’s made? You buy one, take it to the park, and ride it with the sole purpose of destroying it. Once you’ve done so, have a look inside.

The same story is true for the trucks and wheels as well. Nothing about a manufacturer or what they could be made of. But steel or aluminum trucks are usually within such a price range. Wheels? What about them? Nothing known here as well.

As for the logo and print, this is really where Versace make their presence known. One board includes the gorgon queen and regal crowns with floral motifs. One is the Crete de Fleur print, while the 90’s Versace Vintage just tells everyone what you’re riding.

After studying the two items this famed fashion designer has composed, I now understand that anytime now you’ll probably be seeing a Versace or Louie V e-scooter or e-bike, maybe even Gucci. Oh, and if they haven’t thought of it yet, maybe this article would spark an idea. Just imagine a gang of fashion designers and the likes all rocking their Versace mobility devices at the local café. What would be your impression?